Monarflex's History

The history of Monarflex

Technological, geographical and organisational development has characterized the company’s growth since it was founded in the early 1950's by an ingenious inventor named Erik Solbeck. Initially the plastic production comprised injection moulding of parts, blown film technology as well as extrusion of films. Sales of these products commenced under the company name, Polysheet a/s founded in 1952.

Technological development

Mr Solbeck quickly realised that the market potential for reinforced plastic sheeting was significant. Products with a reinforcing grid could be made thinner, lighter and stronger than non-reinforced plastic foils and membranes, thereby ensuring a high degree of strength and flexibility. These basic parameters, made reinforced plastic sheeting ideal for applications in the building and construction sector as well as for tarpaulins and other covering sheeting, which at the time traditionally were made of canvass fabric.

By inventing a revolutionary patented technology for manufacturing reinforcing grid, the market for reinforced plastic sheeting and membranes was built up during the 1960's. At this time coating technology was added to the company’s capability, and the core business of Polysheet (Monarflex) was a reality: Blown film base layer with a reinforcing grid held together by a coating layer.

Not only did the company actively sell plastic products manufactured on own machines, but the success with the new circular weaving loom technology was so remarkable, that the company actually created a subsidiary, Polysheet Maskinfabrik a/s, responsible for manufacturing weaving looms for sale to third parties. During the 1960’s a large number of weaving looms were built and sold world wide to other plastic sheeting manufacturers.

Geographical expansion

After the initial years with primarily technological development, the 1970's and 1980's were characterized by geographical development. Sales subsidiaries were created in UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland and USA and parallel to this, a vast network of reliable distributors was established. Many of these distributors remain active today. Under the new brand names of Monarflex, Monarfol, Blackline, Polykraft a.o. the company’s products were now sold around the world. 

During these years, technological development continued and the first 4 metre wide weaving loom was manufactured. Combined with a 4 metre wide coating machine it enabled the company to manufacture 4 metre wide reinforced plastic sheeting in one single piece without any welding seam - a revolutionary capability at the time.

Innovation did not stop here. The well known and unique Monarflex rubber eyelets were developed and again ingenious minds figured a way to incorporate these fixing points into the sheeting during the on-line production process.

Change of ownership

During the 1990's the Solbeck family evaluated that further development of the company required new capital and new owners. In 1996 Polysheet was sold to a group of financial investors and at the same time changed name to Monarflex a/s.

Turnover and profitability grew steadily during this period. Technological development continued to be one of the corner stones of the company, and many new raw material components were introduced, thus widening the product range further.

In 2000 Monarflex was sold again to the Icopal Group, the Danish world leader in bituminous roofing membranes. Whereas Icopal’s core business products are mainly for flat roof constructions, many of Monarflex’ products are ideal for pitched roof constructions. Monarflex was obviously a perfect match for the Icopal Group.

During the following years, Monarflex underwent a transformation in terms of organisation and market approach.

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