Monarflex Profile

Monarflex Profile

Monarflex is Europe’s leading manufacturer of Polyethylene reinforced and non-reinforced sheeting and membranes, as well as related accessories, used in the building and construction industry. Other raw materials as well, are used in Monarflex products.

Monarflex products are widely used for any type of covering, containment or weather protection purpose. Monarflex’ main product groups are:

  • Roofing underlay
  • Moisture & Vapour barriers
  • Wind barriers
  • Scaffold sheeting
  • Agricultural foils
  • Tarpaulins
  • Pond liners
  • Geo-membranes (Membranes for containment)
  • Radon membranes
  • Gas barriers
  • World aid products
  • Accessories for all product groups.

At Monarflex, our prime objective is to provide a total solution for our customers. This is the reason why we for most product groups have an extensive range of accessory parts. We are not just a supplier of sheeting material, but rather a full solution provider.

Production is carried out at our factory in Slovakia, which was relocated from Denmark in 2007 and at the same time production technology was updated with state of the art production equipment. This move has permitted Monarflex to maintain a competitive platform in the European and Worldwide market. Furthermore, to ensure optimal service for our customers, certain products are bought in from partners to complement the range of our own produced products. Monarflex products are characterised by high quality and strength combined with extreme

Monarflex products have been on the market for many years. Through years of service in constructions around the world, often in extreme weather conditions and have proven their worth and technical performance time and time again.

At Monarflex we use our many years of experience to invent and engineer innovative new products, employing the latest plastic technology. We take pride in being at the forefront of technological innovation within the plastic industry and we have a proven high ratio of newly developed products every year.

As part of the BMI Icopal Group, Monarflex belongs to a professional family with a strong presence through out Europe and many parts of the world. The vast extent of Icopal’s organisation combined with external distributors give Monarflex direct market access to all major countries and market segments. Most product groups are stored locally ensuring quick delivery times for our customers.

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