Monarflex production technology

Monarflex production technology

Monarflex has many years of experience in producing reinforced and non-reinforced plastic sheeting and membranes. We combine the well-known with advanced and innovative production technology.

We have a very open mind and attitude when it comes to investments in our machine park, whether it is for updating of our production processes or outright new investments.

Latest product developments have resulted in an expansion of our raw material base. Today we employ amongst others following raw materials in our products:

  • Prime virgin Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Multifilament polyester (PET) yarn
  • Monofilament High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) yarn
  • Aluminium sheeting
  • Metallized PET foil
  • Polypropylene (PP) spun bonded non-woven textiles
  • High quality Kraft paper.
  • A vast variety of master batch additives (UV, IR, colours, flame retardants, carbon black, EVA, EBA)
  • Exciting new Plastomers.

Core business products

The basis for many of Monarflex’ products are a 3-layer composition with the reinforcing grid laminated in between two layers of Prime Virgin LDPE

The base layer is a blown foil from one of our blowing lines. The reinforcing grid is made on one of our in-house developed circular looms. The top layer is an extruded layer from a wide flat dye extruder. We are able to produce all 3 layers in up to 4,15 metres finished product width.

Each layer can be individually treated to suit the precise application. We are as such able to tailor make any type of sheeting product to suit the customers’ needs.

During the extrusion process additional layers of other materials can be inserted; for instance thick Kraft paper or aluminium sheets. By running consecutive production runs we manufacture products with up to 10 different layers. Such products are specialised membranes that serve a very specific purpose such as gas barrier membranes. 

New production technology

In recent years we have updated our production equipment and are laminating a broader variety of other materials as well, such as PP NW spun bonded textiles or metallized PET foil. This permits us to service our customers with a more comprehensive product range.

In 2004 Monarflex took over the production facilities of a factory manufacturing diffusion open roofing underlay, employing a cost efficient coating technology. This technology will permit us to tailor make products that satisfy our customers’ requirements in this segment as well. 

New raw materials

Exciting new plastic raw materials, known as plastomers, have recently entered the market. Monarflex has immediately exploited the new opportunities presented by this development. Particularly the roofing underlay, tarpaulin and scaffold sheeting product groups have benefited from this development, and today Monarflex offers a new range of products in these segments that are more flexible, thinner, lighter yet stronger compared with traditional polymers.

At Monarflex we are "setting the standard"

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