Gary Maynard - National Sales Manager Specialist Building Membranes


Gary Maynard
Business Development Manager

Tel: 07970 455034



Call me on:  07970 455034


I have worked in the waterproofing business for over 24 years and have been with Icopal for the last 16 years. I have had several job roles in this time, from Depot Manager at Crawley to Area Sales Manager to Business Development Manager encompassing the complete Icopal range from Bitumen products, Acoustics and for the last 12 years Monarflex.

This year, once again, the focus is purely on Monarflex as which means being involved in sales tactics and strategy, assessment of opportunities and target markets, intelligence gathering on customers and competitors, generating sales leads for our key distributors, attending meetings with prospective clients and contacts to promote business, developing new relationships and growing our client and contact base, to name just a few!

Monarflex are renowned for bringing new, innovative products to market and I am proud what we have been able to develop over the last few years.

2018 will be another exciting year with further new product launches planned.

We have a strong team at Monarflex and Icopal and I am honoured to be part of it.


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