Icopal Monarflex Super T Plus Scaffold Sheeting System

Monarflex Super T Plus Scaffold Sheeting - For extreme weather conditions & long-term use

The UK’s market leading high performance scaffold sheeting, with exceptional strength and wind resistance. Proven to withstand the rigours of long-term construction or demolition work.  

Features & Benefits

  • Can be used for all types of long term projects exceeding 12 months
  • Patented eyelet design has unbeatable resistance to pull-out for maximum security and, unless they are used, eyelets remain sealed, preventing penetration by wind and rain.
  • Unique high performance Anchor & Strap fixing system resists wind induced stresses in all directions while remaining flexible enough to protect the sheeting from destructive strain.
  • Also available in a Flame retardant options
  • Choosing The Right Product

     Duration of building project
    Placement of
    building site
    < 3
    3 - 6
    6 - 12
    > 12 
    Surrounded by high buildings
      Super T Plus
    Super T Plus Super T Plus
    Urban / industrial area
      Super T Plus
    Super T Plu Super T Plus
    Coast / Offshore area
    Super T Plus
    Super T Plus Super T Plus Super T Plus
    Temporary roof
    covering system


    Monarflex Super T Plus FireSmart

    Monarflex Super T Plus is also available in a fire retardant option. Please refer to the Super T Plus Firesmart overview

  • Product Range

    Monarflex Super T Plus is made from a three ply composition with the two outer layers being made from a special highly weather resistant co-polymer LDPE that encapsulates a super strong high tenacity polyester grid which forms the weather protection. On top of the sheet there are rubber fixing eyelets in pre-set patterns that fit virtually any type of scaffold. The eyelets, which are a patented solution, are welded onto the scaffolding sheet to provide the strongest and most durable eyelet fixing on the market.

    Product Code Description Roll Size Roll Weight
    3004550 Monarflex Super T Plus Clear 2 x 45m 20kg
    3002928 Monarflex Super T Plus Clear 2.25 x 40m  22kg
    3002929 Monarflex Super T Plus Clear 3m x 45m 34kg
    3002930 Monarflex Super T Plus Clear 4m x 36m 35kg
    3002825 Monarflex Super T Plus Green 2m x 45m 26kg



    Monarflex Super T Plus FireSmart

    Delivery And Storage

    Monarflex Super T Plus is supplied in pallets of 25 rolls for the 2m x 45m roll sizewith each roll individually wrapped in PE foil with label and name identification. The rolls must be stored lying on a pallet under cover and away from heat and direct sun light. 

  • Product Data, Performance & Durability

    Performance Data:
    Material: Co-polymer LDPE
    Colour: Clear or Green (Green on 2 x 45m)
    Reinforcement Grid: 9mm x 12mm from PET
    Weight per m²: 245 g/m²
    Tensile strength: 650N / 50mm
    Eyelet Pullout: 800N
    Eyelet per roll: 270 (2m x 45m)
    240 (2.25m x 40m)
    360 (3m x 45m)
    288 (4m x 36m)
    Conforms to: BS7955:1999, BS8410:2007
    Use: Clear – External use only



    Monarflex Super T Plus scaffold sheeting can be used for all types of long-term projects exceeding 12 months. The product is designed for extreme weather conditions like hurricane forces. The combination of high quality components forms a tough and durable sheeting for very extreme working conditions i.e. sandblasting and water-jetting.

    By using Monarflex Super T Plus, you can meet scaffolding deadlines and avoid economical surprises regardless of the weather and be safe in that it fulfils all relevant British Standards like BS7955:1999 and BS 8410:2007 so you don’t have to worry about living up to HSE require sheeting material itself. It resists wind induced stresses in all directions while remaining flexible enough to protect the sheeting from destructive strain.  

  • Application

    Monarflex Super T Plus can be applied both vertically and horizontally always taking care to overlap the lower sheet externally for weather protection and overlap lower sheet internally if used for containment.

    The eyelets form a system that suit most standard scaffold systems. Fixing the sheeting to the scaffold must be done according to calculations taking factors like wind, building season and height of the surrounding buildings into consideration. We recommend the use of 1 fixing/m² but any fixing must be placed according to calculations for each project.
    The Monarflex Super T Plus should be used in conjunction with the unique high performance Anchor & Strap Fixing System.

    Scaffold Sheeting Installation Advice 

  • Roll Size & Eyelet Configuration


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